Romanian comfort food (part II, the dishes)

Romanian food (like any other cuisine) was influenced in its development by its neighbors and any country that had anything to do with it at any time. Turkish, Greek, Russian, Bulgarian, German and Hungarian cuisines helped Romanian cuisine grow a larger list of dishes. Several ingredients, spices and recipes were introduced during our long history and adapted to our culture and needs.

However, I will not write about gastronomy history here because I am not that gifted. I will write about dishes that are listed in my mind and soul as comfort food.

Comfort food is the one that soothes, makes one happy, makes one content, heals pain and fatigue, relaxes one and brings warmth. Of course, it should be easy to cook, fast and with accessible ingredients. Or better yet, you can suggest some one to do it for you and you just eat it :P

My list is here, right here. Try not to drool too much.

1. My most favorite comfort food is prepared in less than 30 minutes, is creamy and delicious and every ingredient has its purpose. Mămăligă cu ou, unt și brânză we call it and it' s a sort of polenta (made either hard or soft (I prefer soft)) with butter, aged cow or sheep telemea cheese, boiled or fried eggs and sometimes bacon. OK, most of the times, in my case :P

Bulz- romanian polenta dish

2. Second on the list are mititei. These are not easy to make but they are found already prepared in most of the shops, you just need to grill them or fry them in the pan. Grill is the best option for that smokey flavor. They are like some sort of sausages without their “skin”, the meat can be a mixture of beef and sheep, or beef and pork or beef, pork and sheep and the thyme and garlic are a must. Also the bones soup.

Mici- a romanian specialty

3. Ciorbă de lobodă (Orache soup)- one of the most beloved spring soups. It's made from the leaves of a plant named Orache, has a red dark color and it's finished with borsht (a sour liquid obtained from fermented corn meal and wheat bran in water). The orache soup can be vegetarian/ vegan and is suitable for the Lent or it can have smoked meat and omelet in it. This soup should ALWAYS be served with fresh lovage.

East Europe soup or red borscht in bowl with spoon over wood

4. The tripe soup- might not sound too appealing but this is the queen of soups in Romania. It's very rich, made with beef bones stock, egg yolks, sweet cream, vinegar pickles and of course, beef or pork tripe. The best I ever had was made by my grand mother and passed now to my mother. I never cooked it myself. But I love eating it with a pinch of vinegar, hot pickled pepper and some cream.

Balkan tripe soup

5. Mac'n cheese. But not the American ones. My grandmother made some great macaroni and cheese with aged cow telemea, and a lot of butter. And up in the oven.

6. Șoric, slănină, pork skin and fat. The skin is eaten either raw with a pinch of salt and some fresh bread, either fried in open fire. Both versions are great, I prefer the first. The fat, which is called slănină is a cold meat product kept in brine with garlic for some weeks, dried after and smoked. The result is delicious and can be eaten as such with some fresh bread, fresh onion and garlic or cooked in several dishes or open fire (on a stick). I eat it as such or in lecso, a Hungarian specialty with sweet pepper.


7. Hot chicken soup with home made noodles or semolina dumplings. They say this is the cure for cold. Can't say if it's true or not, but I think is best served with fresh parsley.

Hot chicken soup

8. Pomana porcului- a dish served only once a year on the Ignat day. Several parts of the pork including fat, meat, organs are cooked together with thyme, bay leaves, onion and lots of garlic in a large cast iron pot over open fire. Best served with mămăligă (Romanian polenta) and some hot plum brandy boiled with a bit of black pepper seeds. Or hot wine with cinnamon.

Romanian pork stew made in iron cast pot

9. Dry beans and smoked pork knuckle stew (or soup). If we keep it with more liquid it makes a great stew, it we boil it more and the liquid becomes a thick sauce, we call it iahnie. Both versions are great. For the Lent we skip the meat and use some smoked paprika for extra flavor. Best served with lovage or tarragon.

Closeup of white bean soup

10. Tomatoes and cheese. Really just these two. Some bit of oil and salt for extra flavor, maybe some fresh onion if you are the type. And, very important, some fresh bread so you can clean that bowl properly. That fresh tomato juice that remains on the bottom is the best part. Trust my word.

Heirloom tomatoes salad with cheese and basil

11. Potatoes with smoked bones and sausages soup - most of the time finished with vinegar or liquid from sauerkraft or liquid from pickled cucumbers (the brine). Served with fresh or pickled tarragon.

Romanian sour soup with potatoes and smoked pork

12. And the last but not least - papanași- these are some great deep fried dumplings made with fresh cow cheese. They are served with home made jam (blueberries or sour cherries or bitter cherries or quince jam) and thick cream. My husband loves them. Me too.

Papanasi with cream

Other lovely dishes (that you will also find in this collection) are: fasole bătută, a creamy paste made of dried beans and caramelized onion, salată de vinete (grilled aubergines salad), zacuscă (a mixture of grilled tomatoes, peppers and aubergines, minced and boiled together with oil, onion and salt for a few hours on a small fire. Zacusca can also have beans or honey mushrooms.

Please, let me know which is your favorite national comfort food. I would love to study this subject some more. Thank you!

Photo credits: Alberto Grosescu, Catalina Zaharescu Tiensuu, Klodvig, Radu Dumitrescu, Sebalos.

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June 02, 2018


Wow.... some detailed description here. I will go for the grilled version of mititei.

January 08, 2018


Mmm) it looks like very tasty))

December 26, 2017


Mmmm that all looks amazing! Great food photos!

December 20, 2017


Most of them are very familiar to me, especially the tripe soup. We have that in Turkey in different and various forms. But my favourite here is mititei. Please make sure to prepare it when I visit you sometime in the future :)

Will do :)

December 20, 2017


Tripe Soup - my favourite. Only 2 maybe 3 places in Bucharest where it tastes as it should.

I know, right? And that is pity indeed.

December 19, 2017


Most of them are very familiar to me, especially the tripe soup. We have that in Turkey in different and various forms. But my favourite here is mititei. Please make sure to prepare it when I visit you sometime in the future :)

December 19, 2017


Tripe Soup - my favourite. Only 2 maybe 3 places in Bucharest where it tastes as it should.

December 18, 2017


Hi, my all times favorite is (and I have to make a stock photo for it): potatoes fried in pork fat (untura) at low temperature with cap on the pan, with smoked pork meat (de la garnita), with old telemea cheese (that will melt) and mandatory with polenta (not to liquid) :)))Clearly, not for the ones on the diet :))))

December 15, 2017


"Thank you. One of my favorite Romanian food is sarmale. Do you have a good mititei recipe?" Yes, I completely forgot about sarmale, but they are also very good indeed. And yes, I do have a mititei recipe on my personal blog. :)

December 14, 2017


Thank you. One of my favorite Romanian food is sarmale. Do you have a good mititei recipe?

December 14, 2017


I'm hungry now !

December 14, 2017


Yummy, yummy!! They all look delicious! :)

December 13, 2017


A Greek Gyros, right i'm off out to eat :)

December 13, 2017


now you made me feel hungry - very nice!

December 13, 2017


Some of this dishes are cooked during the winter holidays, indeed :D

December 13, 2017


Ha, Meduzzu, you are absolutely right. Fries and telemea are also great.

December 13, 2017


Yum Yum!

December 13, 2017


My fav would be French fries with grated aged cheese and pickles

December 13, 2017


So useful article, especially given the upcoming New Year holidays !

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