Rome through the eyes of a Roman

Being an expat, has positives and negatives sides. One of the positives sides is that when you go back to your home town (in my case, Rome), you see it with different eyes. You are not a tourist, but at the same time you are not the person you were, when you lived there. You also see how it changes. This always gives me mixed feelings. One of these feelings is, I want to "rediscover" it. So, these few days I can spend in my beautiful home town, usually I take the scooter and together with my father, we drive around and search for good spots to take some nice pictures.

Here you can see some of them. I hope you like them.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum by night

Rome, The Holy City

Theatre of Marcellus, Rome

On a sunset in Rome

The Tiber

Sunset on the river Tiber in Rome

Thirsty pigeon

Vatican City, Rome

Couple in love in Rome

A kiss out of time

Magical sunset in Rome

Magical sunset in Rome

Magical sunset in Rome

The Colosseum by night

Colosseum by night

Rome, Italy

Trevi Fountain by night

Colosseum by night

Rome by night

Photo credits: DiegoFiore.

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Thanks for the nice comments :)


I love Rome, so thanks for those great pictures!


Beautiful Rome


Very, very beautiful images. I can totally feel your connection and intimate knowledge of this city via your images.Great work. Good luck.


Thank you. You have very nice photos too!


Beautiful photo.


Thank you, that's nice to hear!


Heart touching pics

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