Rotating files for Portrait orientation

This is mainly for newbies.

© Hugoht
I’m talking about those pictures you shot while holding the camera rotated 90 degrees.

I’m sure if you’ve been here a while you already know this.

While uploading my first pictures, I saw that DT is reading the EXIF information from the jpg files.

I figured, if the camera wrote the rotate flag to the EXIF, my thumbnails will be displayed correctly – standing up.

© Hugoht

Remember, the camera just sets the rotate flag to true, the file is still landscape oriented meaning it’s wider and not taller.

I also figured that if the picture came out perfect from the camera it’s best not to edit the image (yes I also shoot jpegs and they are always perfect…).

It took me 5 uploads of different pictures and a final brave 6th attempt to confirm my suspicion that those portrait “lack of composition” rejections came because I didn’t rotate the file 90 degrees before submitting.


I have to say, I searched the FAQ and blogs and found nothing about this.

Apparently, I am the first contributor to encounter this orientation misconception!

This probably makes me special…

So newbies, be sure to rotate those files before uploading.

Photo credits: , Hugoht.

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May 17, 2010


good work Hugo! I never rotate my pix. I will do that now.
and great pictures by the way

January 21, 2010


Don't think this ever happen to me, but I will look more closely. Thank you for sharing.

January 21, 2010


Good tip, never happend to me but thanks.

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