Royal courtyard.

This royal house is located in the famous Peking University,"LangRun Garden" There have been several hundred years of history. LongRun Garden, situated in Weiminghu Lake

on the north shore of the island, surrounded by ring of water, towering old trees,The exquisite courtyard, the beautiful long corridor.Scenery is very beautiful!

In Qing Dynasty of China,here was once the emperor's son's residence garden.Now, here has already been the official working site of the economic research center of China. When I walked into this quiet courtyards, and it was just like entering that part of history. It is exquisite that I experience that one that it brings in this ancient building to me.

Photo credits: , Linqong.

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March 19, 2008


Thanks a lot,Kittycat .

March 19, 2008


Great images Linqong!!

March 18, 2008


Thank you Amy,This house is very quiet.Seem to on me alone in this world!

March 18, 2008


How lucky you are! I felt something of the same emotion when I entered the Pantheon in Rome. Hard to put into words - a connection with the people of that time. So intense. I was awed.

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