Ruins and Ancient Collection

Hi Friends,

Here's my newest and interesting collection of Historic ruins and architectures.

Ancient and Ruins

Any good travel shots of Historic places and also ancient arts will be applicable.

This category has great chances of sale and as I have researched on the popular stock photos on different sites, mostly well lit travel shots and sharp closeups are sold maximum. Buyers who are interested to publish a travel article on the place or about the history of same age or some educational columns with historic concept will look for such images. Also these got great values in tourism industry.

Key wording is as always very important so that prospective buyers can find your photos in the search results. The problem with a popular location is, people can find ample number of similar shots upon search. So to have a great sale you may try off beat locations or some unusual yet comfortable angles of same famous locations. Good processing can also help sometimes.

One more thing we can try is to capture some different concepts of the same location. For example, if I take a simple Tajmahal picture from the gate, what is so special that somebody has already not tried? But if you take the shot by also including the Yamuna river that flows beside it, yes your photo will be much different than hundreds of other artists. Similarly, if you are travelling in Cambodia, the most common shot one can think is the sunrise behind Angkor wat temple. The best among them gets the most sale and a decent photo may have no download at all. But what if you just enter the temple and get an interesting subject, include that/them in your shot and keep the temple in background. You do not have to wait much for your 1st download.

I just shared what I understood after a short research, you may also include your comments which can be helpful for the contributors and the buyers as well.

For this specific set I have already assembled some good and relevant photos, you may add yours from your stock. Please paste the photo in comment section and I will add it. By the way, I am not looking for graphics and illustrations here.

Tian Tan Buddha

Great Wall of China Travel, Stormy Sky Clouds

Ritual Bathing at Puru Tirtha Empul, Bali

Monk at Angkor Wat

Travel shot of Badami water temple

Travel shot of Badami water temple

Charminar and Pigeons

Wat Mahathat panorama

Photo credits: , Freedomsfolio, Kelvintt, Nilanjan Bhattacharya, Nejron, Pavalache Stelian, Ujjaldey, Wisconsinart.

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Great collection and great photos !!

I when I have selected some, but I have other pictures of ancient ruins and historical sites UNESCO. See if you like it a few for your collection! ;-)




Great! found some interesting photos from all of your profiles...
Added them! :)


Hi Mangalika,
Great idea with such a collection. Please feel free to add any of these:

   The tower of Hammershus Castle   
   The tower of Hammershus Castle   
   Tower at St. Georges Castle, Lisbon, Portugal   
   Medieval tower, Lisbon, Portugal   
   Moorish Castle, Sintra seen through window   

...and these are very ancient:

   Ancient petroglyphs in Valley of Fire   
   Ancient petroglyphs   

Cheers :-)


ok thanks Sunfire/Massimo Osmar...I will check these


Hello Mangalika,

Amazing collection and beautiful photos. Please consider these: 49963688

They are from the ruins of the Taino Indians in the Caribbean; particularly of my home island of Puerto Rico.

Thanks and good luck everyone


Great idea for a nice collection indeed! I wondered if I could help out with these pics:


Thanks and take care everyone :-)


Wonderful! Always a great job. In my homeland of Sardinia are very ancient ruins. I hope to devote proper attention and collect your advice.

[imgl]38917661 [/imgl]
[imgl]38916916 [/imgl]
[imgl]38916484 [/imgl]
[imgl]36302444 [/imgl]
[imgl]36302311 [/imgl]


Thanks Ujjal...
Welcome Jdanne/Hel08..Chanvey..ok...I'll check your pic too..


An awe inspiring collection and interesting writeup... gives enough impetus to pack the bag and start exploring all such amazing places... thanks for sharing... :)


Thank you for adding some of my photos!


Thank you for taking some of my photos! I found some more from other sights. You may have a look if you are interested:

31874708, 31622519, 39131777, 34119774, 31623032, 49464570, 48896790, 45714317, 44802018, 44629835, 44326169, 39093423, 37353140, 32491253, 31568055, 31568019, 30812778, 29260388, 28420290

Thanks again for taking time and good luck!


Nice collection! I am wondering if this one fits?
 Image not available or id is incorrect. 


Thanks everyone for your feedback on the blog and sharing your shots. I have added the most relevant photos from all of you.
A request to all readers...whoever can share some input and experience on the ancient and ruins will be most welcome! Even buyers can also share their thoughts and expectations...


Great blog,

Would you to have a look at these pictures and/or add the to your collection if suitable.


28417844 ,28417659 ,28408617 ,28387761 ,28387761 ,19200073
 Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle  , Medieval Balcony  , Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle  , Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle , Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle  , Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, Alsace, France 


Very impressive! Good reputation for DT.

Perhaps you like to add some of these?

25642999, 28356256, 28362338, 39844545, 25641359, 25642999, 28365875, 28364716, 28356352, 34446745, 31167165, 34443987, 39886307,39131777, 31623032

Sorry, but I can't paste the photos, I can only paste the numbers.


Please, would you mind to add my ruins pictures ?

 Ruins of the Villers-la-ville abbey church 
 Ruins of the Villers-la-ville abbey church 
 Rain over Ruins of the Villers-la-ville abbey church 
and 50940305
 Ruins of the Villers-la-ville abbey church 


Beautiful work! Can I please live your life?;)


Please have a look at:


Thanks friends..David..thanks..added some of them


Wow, I am always so humbled by the work I see on here! Great job everyone!


I have 42914661, 34798068, 53123145, 44609177, 42146937 if your interested in including them


Thanks Ranjan and Xianghong for leaving your feedback..


great article and imgaes! like them.


Great photos. Thanks for the information. Best wishes

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