Rules Were Made to be Broken

Against the rules

Before breaking a rule, we need to understand one before doing so. One needs to understand what each of the three traffic lights mean; if someone decides to cross the red, there should be a solid reason for it.

Red traffic light

Take this example:

Usually, we write lines with a minimum of 9 words each so to get a legitimate flow while reading. But lets say the topic of a written story was about a person who already decided to jump off a balcony of a 100 story building ... and while falling, is remembering and/or analysing what he's done. To complement the state that already is in process we may have lines of 2 to 3 words max so the reader would go through the lines faster and therefore fall downwards to reflect the content mood. That is breaking of a rule, done by the writer to give the reader more of the moment rather than just stick to what is right ... here within the context, the conventional right weakens in front of the wrong that grows its wings within the lines to become a mature right.

Young man is falling from a building

As for photography, there may be many reasons to break a rule and none of any is a dictated fact; examples may or may not reflect our side of the concept within the frame. Therefore, I cannot place examples or situations where its OK to break one.

- It could be someone moving/running very fast and the camera couldn't catch in a proper place within the frame, instead placed a bur of him on the right edge of the frame, defying rule of thirds ...

- There may be no subject within the frame, just a complex of many elements where none is more important than another to reflect chaos and a disturbed feeling/mood.

- Exposure could be way over or under to portray certain message(s)

- Out of focus subject

and so on ...

Again, no criteria for breaking rules and lets not take that lightly. It should not be intentional and without reason or else it would defy its own purpose.

Photo credits: Heizfrosch, Stanislav Shahurin, Stokkete.

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May 23, 2019


There's an old saying; "you know the rules folks, there aren't any".

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