Run Away

After another April snowstorm I was getting a bad case of cabin fever. After sitting around for awhile contemplating the situation.I decided to do something that I haven't done since I was a child.RUN AWAY! Unlike that long ago adventure, this time my bag was filled with my favorite CD's,snacks,water,and of course my camera. With a full tank of gas I hit the road.

Rolling down the back roads at a snail's pace,I was amazed at the number of photo opportunities that presented themselves. I don't know how many u-turns i took when I saw something that caught my attention. From old farmsteads and abandoned machinery to quaint little towns along the Mississippi river there was something to explore around every bend in the road.

After many hours on the road and a batch of photos to go through, I returned home refreshed and looking forward to the next time I RUN AWAY.

GO AHEAD. DO IT. It may be the best thing you never did.


Photo credits: Paul Jantz.
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  • River Falls, United States
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April 14, 2008

After yesterday that's not a bad idea