Run Over By a Truck

I was in a really bad accident last week, literally run over by a 19 foot U Haul. I don't blog about this for sympathy but here it is summer, great weather and I am stuck in the house healing, and obsessing about all the great photo ops I missed during my accident and 7 hours in the ER.

Firemen, cops, ambulances, stretchers, CTs, x-rays, IVs--all the medical paraphernalia I don't have access to photograph on a regular basis! Seriously not fair. I would have days of post processing and uploading if only I had had my camera and, oh, been able to lift it to take a picture.

The weather is supposed to be perfect this weekend and I am hoping to be well enough to at least go outside and try to find something to shoot in the back yard. Meantime I dream of all the great photos that might have been during my accident.

Photo credits: Braden Gunem, Picsfive.

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Oh Zenpix so not fair!


To bad, I hope you get better soon!


I hope you recover soon from your injuries...


Hope you get better soon!


I wish you a soon recovery from the accident! I´m sure you will find inspiration around the house or even in the house ;) ... Wish you all the Best!


First of all, wishing you health and a speedy recovery. While recovering, how about looking at your old photos instead and see if there are something there to upload. I'm sure there are. Look at things with fresh eyes and you may see things differently. Best wishes!


had my sister in hospital for operation for a few weeks. guess what my camera was with me:) every day. lots of photo ops in hospitals.
hope u feal better now. Btw: have u goten a good lawer to rep you?


I wish you first of all,health and after you are ok you can go and shoot a lot of beautifull photos.There are always other photo oportunities waiting around and who knows,after this unfortunate accident you will see life in a diferent maner

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