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When I took a walk with my wife in Tongji University after lunch, we found a she-cat lying under a car. My wife like cats very much, so she got close to the she-cat. But it was angry and aggressive. I noticed there was also a little cat under the car. We understood why the she-cat was so aggressive, because it wanted to protect its baby. I was so lucky to catch that moment by my camera. It’s aggressive, virulent and preparing to fight anytime. It’s also a kind of maternal love. Hope they will be safe, and the little cat will grow up fast.

Photo credits: Haishan Li.

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July 02, 2008


I'm a big cat fan myself, 4 street cats are shearing my house with me :-)
I adore not just cats, but all animals in general, but cats are a truly most amazing creature, even when bruised and neglected they always keep their "queenish" attitude and looks.
I hope you had a treat for the worried mama :-)
Good work :-)

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