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People always run.


From a birth to a tomb.

Stop and think please.

Photo credits: Tetis.

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October 06, 2009


And somewhere in between...

I personally run/jog (or at least I try to) for fitness. No marathoner here (or even half-marathon for that matter) but I'm proud to say that I've done six miles a few times last Spring!

No aspirations to go an inch farther ;)

October 06, 2009


Moreover..... people spend their life running away from fear, pain, discomfort and death... when it is ultimately impossible to avoid. So live your life to the full... enjoy every moment of it.. And when the grim reaper decides to pay you a visit may you go with a smile on your face because you know your life was filled with fun, happiness, love and all the good things!

October 06, 2009


it is naturally, pleas, dont be so morose - dont worry, be happy - and run

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