Rural Hungarian landscapes

I'd like to show you a few less known but beautiful places in rural Hungary.

You might heard about Hortobágy and the Puszta. We skip that for now. First lets take a look at the hills just north of Lake Balaton. Not high, but the climate is excellent for wine making. The Káli-Basin is known of the cute little villages and picturesque vineyards.

Rural landscape in Hungary near Balaton

One of the most romantic places in Hungary is the Bakony in autumn. The gold and copper leaves, the fog, the layers of hills, curve after curve on the road. This old windmill is on a top of a hill, looks like guarding over the horizont, for over a 100 years.

Old Windmill

Pannonhalma Abbey is also located on top of a hill - medieval precaution. Now the Abbey is known of its wines and herbals, mostly lavandel. I cant get enough of this view, spring or winter, sunshine or mist.

Pannonhalma Abbey

This little village church looks like every other in the Carpathian Basin, but is special to me. My grandparants used to live in this village. I love how it fits in the hills, woods and fields surrounding it.

Church tower

Village church in Hungary

Pacsmag Lakes are a less known, but very important bird reservation, it is a Ramsary Treaty area, protecting waterfowl and wading birds. Most important species here are the purple heron, grey heron, spoonbill, ferruginous duck, but you can also meet white tail eagles here. This is one of my favorite birding places, Alone the lakes are such peacefull, soothing view:

Pacsmag lakes bird reservation

Lake and hills

Landscape with lake

Photo credits: Bettina Wagner.

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Editalley thank you! Its my pleasure to show my favorite places to the community.


fantastic job! beautiful images. thank you for sharing with us


Hel080808, thank you. Actually, Pannonhalma is pretty close to Neusiedler See.


I'm really surprised! When I think about Hungary I see images of Budapest and Danube-Auen Nationalpark, Neusiedler See, Tokaj wine ..
But now I learned that Hungary is more than that!

Thank you and good luck!


Aurelielemoigne it is. Thanks for the comment.


It seems to be a very beautiful place to visit.


TheSlowWalkers thank you, there are.


Very nice images, it looks like plenty of opportunities there for great pictures.


Seawatch1, thank you!


Thank you, Kvintet!


Thanks, Itsadream


Nicely done. Your photos do what I think all scenic/landscape shots should do. Make me want to visit the setting.


Beautyful landscapes!


Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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