Rush hour

Yesterday, today, tomorrow... everyone is in a permanent "Rush hour". Each one is in a hurry, each one need to do more with his life.

Where is everybody going?

Maybe here?

Where would you "rush"?

Photo credits: Claudiu Comanoiu.



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June 09, 2011


Thank you all for your comments!
Cristalloid, why would you do that? :)

June 09, 2011


A good piece of wisdom.
Wish all would slow down and take a look at the nature around us.

June 08, 2011


nice pics

June 08, 2011


I would drive to the forrest, take my chain saw, and then I would make a chain saw massacre... name it: I would kill some trees... *giggl*

June 08, 2011


I would definitely drive to that beautiful forest landscape!!! :)))

June 08, 2011


lol, i love your cute sense of wisdom. the irony is that for all the rush, one usually arrives about a few seconds or minutes early, but poorer due to expending more petrol (gas in USA) for your car (auto in Europe), and for some lucky suckers... never made it. they only arrive on time on the operating table, if lucky .. and unjustifiable many times, end up not being hurt, but kill or maim some innocent bystander, cyclist, motorist.
The other irony is that usually the beast behind the steering wheel is usually some meek quiet , quiet but demented, person that transforms into a senseless idiot as soon as they turn the ignition key.
Now, that's a concept for some creative DT contributor to create...
Dr Jeckyl Mr Hyde behind the steering wheel. lol.

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