Russia for Stock Photographers -Part One

I just returned from two weeks in Russia. It was a family trip to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ufa, near the Ural Mountain Ridge.

Russia is heaven for stock photographers. Friendly people, a wealth of World Heritage sites. Rich history with many relics and past times buildings, and a sense of traveling back in time, to 40-50 years ago.

Russian Motherland - Moscow Residential buildings

It had been very very interesting and apparently quite fruitful as almost 60 images from the 800 I shot had turned into stock photos accepted by DT.

The first part of my story will be about Moscow and its sites. I hope you will enjoy.

We spent 4 days in Moscow. We stayed in an apartment in the Northern part of the city, near a Metro station. It's a very convenient way to stay and a lot cheaper than taking a hotel. You need a Russian speaking person with you to make the arrangements but it's worth it. Staying out of the tourist areas allows you to capture everyday scenes that may appeal to buyers interested in a fresh view of Russia.

Don't miss the Kremlin and its amazing churches and buildings. We had a blast and the kids loved it.

Russian Motherland - St. Basil Cathedral 1

St. Basil is very colorful and photogenic.

Russian Motherland -St. Basil Cathedral 2

The Large Bell - an airplane's contrails add a twist to a rather dull background.

Russian Motherland - Kremlin 1

The famous gate to the Red Square - a view from inside the Kremlin.

Russian Motherland -The Kremlin 4

A boat trip in Moscow River is also a good way to see a lot of the city (which is huge, we walked 11-14 km a day) from a different angle.

Russian Motherland -The Kremlin walls 2

Old Factory

Russian Motherland -Moscow downtown in Sunset 4

Russian Motherland -Moscow downtown in Sunset

VDNKh Gardens are a mix of old and new and we enjoyed the Moscvarium Marine Life which opened mere few years ago, and on the way went past the Golden Friendship of Nations fountain. Built during Stalin regime it was supposed to represent the "friendship" of all the states the comprised the USSR.

Russian Motherland - VDNKh golden Friendship of Nations fountain 2

Some tips:

1) Moscow is huge, prepare for long walks and make time for transfer from one point to another.

2)The weather in mid-August was awesome, but it can rain anytime, so prepare a plan for rainy days, especially with children.

3) The light is very soft at the beginning and the end of the day, so use it as it brings out the colors from the red bricks and golden domes of the churches.

4) beware of pickpockets it's very, very common in tourists area.

5) Everyone photograph in Moscow, so it's not been a problem at all.


Photo credits: Amitai.

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October 17, 2017


Professional and excellent article
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October 13, 2017


Thank you for nice photographic view on my city.

October 12, 2017


Lovely images hopefully i will visit Russia (Mosow) one day.

October 02, 2017


Interesting blog Amitai, great photo's!

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