Russian blini - help yourself, please!

I've just uploaded some photos with our family favorite food - blini.

Russian blini

It's amusing to see how many versions of different pancakes you can find at Dreamstime.

Just type "blini" or "pancakes" in Search field and you'll get hundreds of them.

Most of all I like traditional Russian ones, i.e. these ones with caviar -

Blini with red caviar

or these ones with salmon -

Russian blini with salmon

I would not say that pancakes with shrimps are traditional for Russia, but they look rather tasty -

Pancakes with shrimps

And for dessert I'd prefer these ones - with berries

Pancake breakfast

All these photos you can find in my "Homemade food & drink" collection

Bon appetit!

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Looks tasty! I feel I should have blini for dinner... and I've got some strawberry sauce for them... mmmm! Greeting from Russia! :-)))


Just now I've uploaded more two photos with blini - with oranges and mushrooms, if they will be approved by editors - you are welcome to see them (hope, tomorrow :-)) in the collection

Thank you all for comments!


Russian blini are my favourite dish ;-)


Pancake.....i like it with maple syrup.


they look yummy!! although my favs are lemon and sugar ones :)


Mmm, I love them with honey!