It's HDR time


I learnt this technique just a while ago and even it's not a long time I can truly say it's a love story.

HDR stands for High Dymanic Range. It comes to solve problems caused usually by bad lightning. Let's say you want to take a landscape picture in a semi-cloudy day. If you'll measure exposure by the sky you'll see those beautiful clouds but the whole ground erea will be pretty dark. If you'll measure the exposure by the ground you'll see all of those details but the sky will be burnt and overexposed.

The trouble is that the sky and the ground needs different exposure. If we don't want to compromise we'll need to create an HDR image.

So, how is it done?? the idea is to make different exposures of the same image, in this way you'll have different images (it can be 3, 5 or more) when in each one of them each different part is exposed correctly. It's recommended to use a tripod for this as even the most steady hand can ruin the HDR generation.

This is one use of course, you'll see in the link for my collection (at the end of this Blog) that there are many other uses..

After you have several images of the same scene it's time to go into the lab, or in our case - the computer. There are many ways of generating HDR image and I don't intened to know or describe them all. Two recommended ways are using PS or photomatix. You can google HDR generating and check the results for yourselves.

The results which you will get are stunning (if you use the software wisely). One thing to beware of is over processing the images and getting tacky/cheesy results.

I created a collection of HDR images for you to be impressed:

My HDR Collection

Hope you enjoyed my Blog and good luck with your HDR imgaes,


Photo credits: Amilevin.

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I just found this article, and it is very helpful. Love your HDR images and I too wonder if they sell. Thanks for sharing!


i love hdr, one of my favorite tecniques to shoot my family, is fun.. all must stay still for a few seconds.. but besides the beautifull colors and contrasts, i never upload even one in DT, do they sell??.. i may give a try..
Great photos Ami!!!


WOW that is really neat!!!! I would love to try it!!! Do you have to have a DSLR camera and shoot in RAW to combine the images in Photoshop?


The HDR technique is very impressive for landscapes... you should try some portraits…:)
Best regards.


Very dramatic images...looking forward to trying this technique.


I love the look of HDR images. It is something I would like to try. Thanks for sharing. :0)


well done!! wicked work :)


Great work. Thanks for sharing. I like Colorful mailboxes! :)


I like the one "Church" so much.

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