It’s my birthday today!!!

It’s my birthday today!!!

And after 3 days, it’s my first DT day also! So, I have two big celebrations one after another. Thank you DT staff and DT friends for everything. It’s big fun being here and I hope it’s going to be that way for a long time.

Chocolate cake

Here's a piece of cake for all of you! Don't eat too much :)

Piece of Cake

It’s time for fun now :) I’m going out for a one-day trip and I hope you’ll see the results online in a week :)

Hugs and kisses for everyone!

Chao and have a great day!

Photo credits: Maxfx, Piksel.
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Have fun !!!

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you had all my wishes~


Happy Birthday!


Hej Desislava! I have missed two big events in your life birthday and the first year on DT. I am sooooo sorry! I wish you all the best! ;-) You are doing really great here at DT!


Happy birthday......soory i was late......


Happy birthday to you !!!


Happy Birthday! Hope you had a fun day!


Happy belated birthday! Sorry I missed your post. I have been very busy for the last 3 weeks with family stuff. Hope it was happy!


Happy belated birthday wishes and a happy year ahead as well!

Best regards,


Thanks, Eliane! It's never late!


As always I'm late, but I can still wish you all the best in life and in DT :)


Be Happy!!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks for the tips, Larry! I made only two photos with that heavy fog. It was freezing up there. I hardly managed to climb 40-50 stairs. Even my muscles didin't want to move. Autofocus wasn't working - it couldn't focus on the big monument 5 meters away from me :) And stayed up there only for a minute. I really hope DT will accept my photo and I'll show it to you.


Happy birthday !!! :))


Happy Birthday! ;)


Happy Birthday! You look to be sweet sixteen.

On days with fog and clouds keep on shooting. I love the effect of fog as in the image displayed with this posting. It was shot at ISO 1600 I must add that at that ISO you need fog to wype out the dark areas that would show noise. Have fun! -Larry


Happy birthday! (¡Felíz cumpleaños!) and thanks for help me in the forums!!


Happy birthday!


Woooww! Thank you so much my friends! Love ya!
I think the cake wasn't enough for all of you! :)


grazie:)) Auguroni!!!:)))))