It's a Rough Road at first!

Geeeeezzzzz... Ok So has been a rough road here for me at dreamstime. Some really harsh rejections from the admin peeps. A super low approval rating, not many downloads, and a huge reality check. All of witch have contributed to my drive to get better and better!

For a while I'd take a photo of something decent, couldn't wait to get it home, process it, and upload it! And then the rejections started rolling in. I thought "these look really really good," but the people on the other end said otherwise.

After looking back on all of those rejections (some I thought were still kinda good), I could understand why they wern't excepted in the first place. Not good lighting, so much sharpening, not enough sharping, and the whole nine.

I've realized I need to take my time. Slow down. Enjoy the entire process of getting stock images. Theres no real rush or race. Keep it simple and let the "artistic" side of you take over. It will be a rough road for a while, but I'm sure, after some time, things will start to become a bit more natural in the way things flow.

Good Luck everyone!!


Photo credits: Manuela Klopsch.

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September 02, 2010


Sounds good

September 01, 2010


You have a good plan! Good luck! I wish you many sales.

September 01, 2010


I think I'm at the point of where you were at your last blog post so it's good to know that perseverance and improvement (hopefully) will get you there eventually. Thanks for sharing.

September 01, 2010


Good luck to you too!

September 01, 2010


Comon man, your pictures are great!

September 01, 2010


I think you have found the right road, now ;) Good luck!

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