It's About to Begin!

I'd like to greet everyone, especially those, who like football! The best European leagues are about to start. We were really missing it for the last almost 3 months. We lacked the emotions and tension, anticipation and postive stress. The super stars from all over the world are arriving to their home clubs in order to give a start to the 9 months marathone, called national championship. The best of the best are ready to carress our eye with their skills, make us admire their talents and keep exclaiming "How , on Earth, are they doing it?!" We are ready - just COME BACK!

Football Match Episode

Celebrating the goal!

On a Football Match

The millions of fans are preparing their scarves and their ... throats! :)

FC Valencia Fan Attributes

The best European arenas are ready to open their gates to the millions of spectators...

In Italy

San Siro

San Siro Stadium

In Germany

Lightning Above Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena Stadium

In the UK

Chelsea FC Stamford Bridge Stadium

Non Match Day at Manchester United West Stand

In France

Stade de France

Parc de Prince

And, of course, the present Kingdom of Football - Spain!

Mestalla Stadium

FC Barcelona Scarf on the Tribune seat

Welcome, Mr Football!

Photo credits: Hai Huy Ton That, Msalena, Teerinvata, Yorgy67.

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August 13, 2015


Go, Barca, goooooo!!!)))))

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