When's whose birthday????

I am terrible with dates... The most embarrassing moment was when I forgot my wife's birthday. The whole day the phone didn't stop ringing... and I kept wondering why so many people were calling her. All day long she kept giving me funny expectant looks and nothing went ding-dong in my head. She was spending an amazing amount of time at the computer and whenever I asked her what she was up to, she would say "I'm reading my e-mails.", and then would glance at me again with that totally mysterious (at least to me it was very puzzling) look in her eyes. Even when I looked over her shoulder and saw at least 4 e-mails with the subject "Happy Birthday"... well, I don't think of myself as
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someone who is deficient in the "intelligence" area, but it still took about 30 seconds for the full impact of the situation to hit me... And then I fell to my knees and begged her forgiveness for the next 2 weeks... I felt so bad about the whole thing...

But I think, I have gone one better. My wife and I were having a nice dinner together, when I said... "I think I'll go and meet up with so-and-so tomorrow evening". She looked at me with another one of her funny looks (Isn't it wonderful? I'm going to have a whole liftime to figure out her puzzling expressions... and I seriously don't think even a lifetime is time enough).


"Ummm, why not. Haven't seen them for a while. Besides you've got your dance lesson".

"I'm not going to my lesson. I thought we could have dinner together".

"Ummm... We eat together every night."

"I thought we could eat out."

My brain is in overdrive by now... It can't be her birthday... I only forgot that a couple of months ago... can't be our anniversary... we only got married a few months ago... Surely she can't expect me to remember her friends' birthdays/anniversaries.... or her sister's....

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And then it hit me... and she saw that I had finally realized what it was...

"You've just ruined my surprise for you.", she screamed.

And I found myself grovelling for her pardon once again.... I had just remembered my own birthday!!!!

Photo credits: Jose Antonio Nicoli, Monika Adamczyk, Egidijus Mika.

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October 17, 2007


Lol you better watch the calender more often.

I am glad you were not to ashamed to share this funny story.

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