Sabino Parente Photography

49 new images accepted from my last trip in the beautiful Africa.

I have also some very nice portrait, but how can you submit it without release? I mean, how could i get signed releases from people in Africa? :-(

Photo credits: Sabino Parente.

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It works!! I have submitted two photos to try out and it works! The photos has been approved! So now i will go ahead submitting some more. Thanks again for your help!

Here is one:
 Man and children 


Thanks for the advice guys, so i will submit these photos as editorial, i am happy 'cause it was a pity to do not submit some nice pics of people i did in Africa. And thanks for the compliments, i really appreciate it!

@Marco, I am happy to receive your comment, i follow you since you started and i find your works so great and unique! Master!


Editorial is a good way! ... Great photos!!!


Actually, you do not need them to be newsworthy. Just upload as editorial. Because there is no signed release, they can not be used as advertisements. But, they can appear in books and magazine stories.


Marcomayer is right; upload them as editorials. You only have to find a news usefulness for them and explain that in the description area (it's easy, it tells you everything when you edit the upload). Good luck!

Btw, I LOVE the first image! ♥


Nice images Sabino, I think you can try to put the people images without release in "Editorial" section

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