Hi to everybody

only last friday I was sharing my first 100$ goal with all of you and today, after a week I'm here to share my sadness....

During last 2 months, usually I had almost 1 download each day (generally subscription DLs)... but now, once reached 100$, I had no downloads..

Result: after a week of my 100$ achievement, no other image has been sold....

I consider this thing very strange, because I read in the forum that generally dls in dreamstime are costant when you have a portfolio with few handreds of images and costant unpload (as in my case)..

Is (or has been) someone in the same situation? what can be happened?

This is my last Dls the same day reached 100$

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Photo credits: Fabio Cardano.

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It is normal to better and not so good time with sales. There is always an up and down. Important for a portfolio is quality, quantity, and diversity. Do you have images for all the different holidays, and seasons in the year? Just keep uploading and there will be more sales again. Good luck!


Random and microstock photo business are very good friends, Fabio. We'll never know the truth.


No point in being sad because it's the way the market goes! Some times we are inpatient, but we have to get over it & continue uploading!
Better days will come... Cheers ;)


No need for sadness Fabio.
After a year and a bit here on DT, I learned not to wonder about where my sales had gone. Each and every time I stopped selling for a while, thinks picked up after a while as if nothing happened. It's just the nature of random sales that some days you have minimal sales, other days average and even some top selling days (wich make up for everything off course;)).
So cheer up, sales will return, and there's nothing you've done wrong.
Good luck!!

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