SAFE ! best news i have gotten in months

photojay , who has been serving in iraq as a soldier with the US Army is safe and on his way back home !! my good friend, jay, who is my mentor in the stock world is finally on the last leg of the journey home from Iraq. Jay is one of the people i met early on in my association with Dreamstime. he has become a close friend, someone my family hears about all the time.

he writes that he will be back home on monday. his wife and four children are waiting anxiously for him to get there. i can't imagine the excitement that they could feel at this point.

can't wait to hear that simon has given him a big sloppy kiss

after he has a chance to catch his breath, i am sure the Dreamstime community will hear from him as well.

i think a new camera is in the plans, he certainly deserves one! even with his current equipment he outsells me 6 - 1 so i better get myself busy.

i wish you many peaceful serene days and nights and am grateful for all the answered prayers

Photo credits: La Fabrika Pixel S.l., Jason Schulz, Vincent Giordano.

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March 05, 2020


Where did the time go? It seems like only yesterday I was running around Afghanistan sporting the camouflage uniform of that time and shooting bad guys. Now, I am flying drones and working to make CBD cream a main stream method for managing pain.  Photography definitely got me through some difficult times and I love that I can still use it to capture special moments and people in my life.  Thanks for all your support along the way!

November 06, 2007


wow !! what have you been home 12 hours?? and already checking in..hahaha so glad to "see" you here.

November 06, 2007


I am home, safe and sound, ready to get back to work. Look for new stuff to be coming soon! Thanks for all the support. ~Jay

November 03, 2007


Thanks, Denise! I'm happy to hear Jay is on his way home. We counted our "short time" days with one less than the actual days, "and a wakeup." Jay's at one and a wakeup and the sun will rise bright on Monday!

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