Safe DreamsTime

© Kentoh

As piracy has reached some photo stock sites, like many other subjects (No News!), I made many searches to see how safe DT photos are...

I know that nothing is totally safe on the net but I have noticed that DT is the photo stock site with less piracy!

As for now I can't prove it here unfortunately, but at least that was the conclusion I've reached through 3 days pirate search!

I hope I'm not mistaken...

Maybe when I reach the 50 online photos I would think seriously of turning to exclusive photographer & turn my images to exclusive ones

Feeling safer is a good feeling also!

Take Care


Photo credits: Eduard Kachan, Hypermania37, Kheng Ho Toh.

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I agree, I think one of the things that helps on Dreamstime, is that they require a photo ID before acceptance.

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