Safety and you

“Ha ha ha, me and poetry? Ha ha”

That was my first reaction when I was asked to write a poetry for a competition that was held for the forthcoming National Safety day. Incidentally that is tomorrow (the 4th of March)

The fact is that I had never written a poetry in my life. Was only impressed by some like “Charge of the Light Brigade” and “Daffodils” which we had to learn at school.

But there is always a first time, and I thought why not give it a try.

So within 24 hours (which was the deadline given to me) I managed to pen down a few lines.

I was not very happy with the result but this is it:

(Am open for criticism and suggestions from our learned bards)

To make this Year

A year without fear

We just have to be wise

And follow the simple advise

By making safety our prime factor

And not repenting the day after

© Maccj

If you want your ten toes to be intact

Safety shoes will take all the impact

When it comes to your eyesight

Safety goggles will not put you in a plight

To avoid things that plummet

Safe guard your head with a helmet

When it comes to high levels of decibel

Ear plugs will not make your eardrums rebel

Your life line lies in your hands, they say

Protect them with safety gloves, I say

Always drive with the seat belt

And the impact will never be felt

Use the helmet at the right place

And your smile will be full of grace

So let us all follow the rules of safety

And enjoy this world which is a real beauty.

Photo credits: Andy Keylock, Diego Vito Cervo, Melinda Fawver, Yukchong Kwan, Chung Jin Mac, Tombaky, Yuri_arcurs.

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Useless information, just pimping photos another photographers


very nice, and from my visit to Pune, India three years ago feels like I am there again. i love India, and hopefully will get to visit once more, on a less strict agenda. so much to see! so many smiling faces! India is my favorite place on this planet! still practice Pranayam...


From this post, I am trusting, You have a camera, In need of dusting ;-)




Well it seems you're a learned bard yourself!


What a harmonic poem you wrote ... I love it! Well done. Wanna hear more from you ....


This is really good, Joe, and this is your first time? Keep it up!


Interesting compositions.


It is very nice!!!


wow :). It is very very good :). Nothing to criticize, only praise.

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