So I had my first sale today! WOOOHOOOO! A whopping $1.10 and I couldn't be happier. I almost fell out of my chair, for one thing, it was a photo that had no views and I didn't expect it to ever sell, let alone have anyone even look at it. And for another, I had almost given up hope of ever selling anything. Sharing was turning out to be the best part of my experience here on DT and I was comfy with that. But lo and behold, there popped up that little tiny amount of hope in the form of $1.10. Hey, I might not be able to buy myself a celebratory beer with it, but it's a start!!

So thank you to whomever took pity on me or actually liked it, it makes no difference to me a sale is a sale and you made my night, possibly my whole weekend!

Photo credits: Bri Williamson.

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How can I find out who bought my photos and how are they being used?


I couldn't agree more!!!! :)


Well done ! Just made my first 79 cents..... might not be a fortune, but it feels great making money from something you enjoy doing :o)


Congratulation for this first sale. Keep uploading as I am doing and it worth to do so because with the bigger portfolio the sale will come!


Well done. You have some lovely images, I'm sure you will do well. The first sale was very exciting for me too, and every sale since.


Congratulation!!- Happy for you:).


Congratulations and good luck


Congratulations!! Let us work together! Together Hold on! To enjoy the joy of shooting!


I'm happy for You! Love the photo and the story, it's always nice when you can keep good memories even in bad times:)


Thank you!!! :)




Thanks, Chris!!
Yes it is, Laura!



Good luck with future sales.

Best wishes


Congratulations!! its a great felling!


@ Claudio,
Yes, it was VERY cold. This was taken during a big ice storm here in Illinois this past winter. We were without power for 5 days, running our heat off of a generator and had -10 degree weather (not including the windchill) I'm glad something good came from that storm because the photos I got from it are about the only thing I care to remember! haha!


Thanks, all! This is all just so unreal...
I've heard the quote, "If you do something you love, you'll never work a day in your life." And I'm convinced that for me this is it. I might not have one tenth the talent or creativity that a lot of you have, but by golly I love it and I'm proud of my submissions. That counts. Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement, and for giving me hope for future sales. Life is good. Life is beautiful. Blessings to all of you!!


I like much your picture as it looks as a gradient of light, of brilliance
and, I can imagine, also a gradient of temperature.


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! WHOOHOOO!!!!! Now it starts......... :)


Congratulatiuons, hopefully the first of many.
By the way my first sale, only just over a month ago, was for $0.85 so you beat me as well!


Congratulations!! Any sale is better than no sale! ;)


Well done Bri,

my first sold photo was for 1,09 $, so you beat me by 0,01 $. ;))
Congratulation again, your sold picture is great.
Now, you experienced good feeling of sale and excitement that someone actually bought your picture.
My friends keep asking me... "Who is buying that pictures of yours", or ... "Who needed that picture, and for what...", but there is always someone who needs non portrait picture, and one with different subject, or story behind.
So... don't stop now.
You saw how great it is to be new member of Dreamstime, and believe me, it's only going to be better and better each day here.


congratulations, wish you many more


Cool! I wish you many more... :)


Congratulations! Wish you many more sales!




Congratulations! Wish you many more sales! Nice portfolio!


Congratulations, I don't think the buyer took pity on you, it is a good picture, and I am sure you will have many more sales. Keep it up!!


Congratulations wish you more sales,good luck!!!


Congratulations :)


Congratulations on your First Sale!! and best wishes for more :)

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