Sales don't come, what am I doing wrong ?


Although I try hard to get images approved, keyword them correctly, I still make no sales. I can't see what i'm doing wrong.

I hardly get any views, let alone downloads. Do I chose wrong subjects ? are there too much of these pictures already ? quality just not good enough ?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

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February 20, 2012


You have good subjects, I especially love the 'african' collection, the one with the elephant drinking is amazing! As pieces of advice, I think you need to play a bit more with post-processing, brightness, contrast, colors, I already mentioned about them in another comment I gave you :) Also, pay more attention to composition and the people subjects, perfect it would be better if you could capture more of their faces, expressions. After all, you're on holiday, show how you feel: happiness, excitement, joy..

Last but not least, have patience and keep uploading. In my first year here I was extremely disappointed and wanted to give up, but I kept hoping and uploading and things are starting to slowly move forward. And I'm not even exclusive! So just think about how many advantages you'll have as soon as the sellings will start to roll :)

Good luck!

November 27, 2010


Hey friend! I remember time when I felt like you. I can't say anything about images quality - I work with illustrations, but I see that DT has slow start, sometimes very slow. Just wait, maybe try other agencies, and - yes, I ma not original - work and learn... Good luck.

November 26, 2010


Patience, waiting, and continuously learning. Improve the recording level.

November 26, 2010


@ mgkuijpers, no offence taken, i'm here to learn :-) advice is always welcome.

@ Bradcalkins, indeed, I corrected those. Finding your own pictures seems impossible, so back to keywording it is.

@ Homydesign, popular photo's is indeed something completely different than the pictures in this blog. Need to improve on that too

November 26, 2010


I'll suggest you to upload more images, choose more popular subjects, check this section for help

Good luck!

November 26, 2010


Be patient and shot each day, be careful with what you shoot, you'll see the sales coming.

November 26, 2010


Aside from regular uploading and more time, I think you need to be a bit more thorough on the keywords. Your zebra picture has 'hurd', not 'herd', and you have neglected to put 'zebras' as a keyword. My advice is to try and find your own pictures in the searches - it is a bit of an eye-opener on how much more thought needs to go into your choice of title, description and keywords. Keep in mind that changes to keywords take a few days to work through the search results...

November 26, 2010



I think your pics aren't good enough (yet). If you look on Dreamstime (or on the net for that matter) you will find thousands upon thousands of elephant pictrues, and a lot of them much nicer (no offence). Try something a little bit more original and try making a whole series of it.

Succes !

November 26, 2010


Patience, good keywording and diversity is the key... I didn´t sell one photo in my first month but after sticking to DT and not giving up, I´m very happy with my results so far... =)

November 26, 2010


@ martinbech : it's not easy to put yourself in the buyers viewpoint, but indeed you are right. long way to go, but i'll keep trying.

@ Bcritchley, indeed, when you look at it 32 on 10000000 , chances are wrather small to get a sale, and chances should improve with the numbers. I won't give up to easely then :-) Saw your carpark shots, indeed something I wouldn't have thought of. I'll browse through the pictures here at DT and see what works best.

@ Danee79, thanks for the tip on being patient, not an easy thing for most ;-)

@ Francy874, keep it up, love your illustrations.

November 26, 2010


Hey Frederick, you have the first sale!!!Congratulations!!! I agree with previous posters on this blog: be patient and diversify your images. Good luck, Francesca

November 26, 2010


You have to be patient,you still have small bunch of photos. Continue your work and sales will come.

November 26, 2010


It's very early days my friend as it looks like you have only been here a month and it would have taken close to a week to get all your shots on, accepted and indexed on, the database. Secondly a portfolio of 32ish is very small when there's over 10000000 pic's on here now. I found things very slow at the start, in fact when I started on here over a year ago I pretty much gave up in my first month and only came back to DT in April this year, gald I did as things are going better now and have had over 50 sales this month. What did I do different? Make sure you learn from your rejections to help save time from uploading stuff that is just going to get turned down. Play Stock Rank game to get an idea of what sells and what does not. You like me shoot lots of out and about shots, nice shots but probably never going to be the greatest sellers. Try and diversify what you shoot. Like now I would photograph say a crowded car park for stock, would never have taken that shot before.

Spend time on here and really get an idea of what sells, try and come up with your own spin on popular themes.

I find it a great way to help develop your photography skills as you end up shooting subjects you may have never tried or though of before.

One last thing, set yourself some goals, how many shots do you want to try and get on here once a month etc Once your portfolio grows sales become more frequent.

Good luck,

Brett, UK

November 26, 2010


I'm going to criticize your pictures from a buyers viewpoint, I hope you can use it :)
Tourbus: It's difficult to know that it's a tourbus. Also the girls face is hidden.
Directions: Maybe if we could see that it was a map she was holding.
Lake: Very nice, but nicer if the elephant wasn't centered.
Africa: It looks a bit as if the elephant is tipping to the left.
Dog: I think there's too many of these.
Skull: Not properly cropped, also would benefit from more light in the front.
I think your subjects are great, but the compositions lack a bit and also a little more punch to the colors would help in my opinion :)

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