Sales Drop....

I am so disappointed with my June sales, because it's only 7 images downloaded.

I have no idea, why my sales is drop. My monthly average sales is about 20 images or about $20 something. I hope my sales will raising again for the next month.

Photo credits: Asaliro.


drop sales

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I had 4 sales last month with about 60 images online - a BME for DT but still not a lot. However, something has happened because views have dropped to almost zero and are zero for almost all images uploaded in the past 3-4 weeks. Used to get many views even though not sales. Not sure if this is due to a drop-off in buyers, how the images are marketed, or a different way of keeping track of views but it is worrysome nonetheless.


I have only 49 pcs on line, In June had 3 sales ( could be better ) but twoo of them on start of June and the third 19. I am a little worried about next downloads because views nearly stopped although i keep loading new pictures. I wonder how July will be...


here is a consolation : I got 5 sales .. however I have a small portfolio so I'm not annoyed .. maybe everyone is on holiday? heehee :))

good luck for next month!

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