Sales over 200

In six Years I made sales just over 200. Do you think It is low? Well, maybe It is a great success who knows. I uploaded over 1100 photos to Dreamstime and waited for sales. Waited with patience. It is usually said, it is normal that contributor may not see increase in sales that quick. Contributor needs to be patient. Contributor needs to upload more to achieve. Sales dropped as I uploaded more. Well six years passed. I am still patient.

Later It is usually added that if contributor cannot still make sales the problem is with the portfolio actually. I am sure I have not that good portfolio. A good portfolio would have been at least viewed. Problems with keywording? No at this point I can not be modest as I am about my portfolio. Finally about my portfolio... I make sales of my oldest photos on Dreamstime usually (If I make sale I mean). Relatively new ones are not viewed even. As I think I have progress in my photography skills, selling course went worse and worse. I am making critics to myself. I really would like to think that my portfolio is not suited for Dreamstime customers, and this is the main reason that I am totally unsuccessful. Otherwise there must be something else wrong. Really bad quality portfolio... Not that bad I guess. Because I have technical and statistical reasons to think that I do not have that bad stock photo portfolio actually. I uploaded 140 more photos to Dreamstime.

Who is going to edit them one by one and submit... I do not want to discourage anyone, really. There are many successful contributors in this big family. Sometimes bad examples are more effective than the good ones for one to succeed. I am surely the bad one for Dreamstime. I hope you all great sales.

Signing Official Document

Photo credits: Ilkercelik.

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