Sales stats - the addiction

I know many microstock photographers became addicted to check

their stats. That is quite easy, being the numbers there at disposal. In the traditional agencies is not so, that's why there is this danger of becoming 'badly' addicted to check earnings in microstock.

One thing most people do is comparing month to month earnings. How many times in forums come out the topic of 'bad/good sale this month'? Bad thing to do! Really.

You cannot compare month to month, that is simply a measure of 'increase' (providing you have submitted at least a good amount of new good images).

The real statistic that count is to see improvement in portfolio efficicency, measured with sufficient data at disposal. That is: this year month compared to the same month in previous year(s).

Is consequent of my reasoning that is almost useless to follow day to day fluctuations. You can see in Yuri Arcus website a week pattern(that is the same for everybody, I'm pretty sure) that shows how Monday is slow start, Tue-Wed-Thu are the peak of the week, Friday start to decline and Saturday is usually the lowest. Sunday sometimes can be higher than Sat.

This to say that apart this pattern, instructive anyway, there is no reason to follow day to day earnings/sales, or do it just as a matter of curiosity and not as a reason to start wining or cry out that sales are down or celebrate sales up.

The success in microstock is built with years of hard work, not days or months. So measure of success is better made after one year not after one month or week.

Business growth and success - graph 13mp

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Statistics graphics

Photo credits: Andres Rodriguez, Frenc, Saniphoto.
  • Saniphoto
I'm a professional photographer with 20 years of experience in photography and almost ten in stock photography.

I Photograph with all kind of cameras (even film cameras occasionally!), but normally I use a Nikon D300 for microstock.

I want to thank you for visiting my portfolio and hope you'll came back often to check my new work and evolution as stock photographer.

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January 13, 2009

Dear Saniphoto,

First of all, let me begin by saying that I enjoy looking at your stock photography. I would like to know if you accommodate requests for custom stock photography. The reason I ask is that I am looking for a variation on a photo that is already in your portfolio, but I cannot use your photo in its current format. Please let me know. Thank you.




December 10, 2008

O_O I'm addicted to it...I had to cure myself...; like a druug..and isn't never too much!...kidding , the REAL thing that I love in the microstock site is the opportunity to know that someone love my work and pay for it..a little..but is so nice to know that someone choose my images and think that they could be useful!!:D.. real interesting article..


December 08, 2008

We photographers are all about numbers, so to check some numbers with $$$ signs in front of them are the best numbers to be addicted to. Business is business.


December 04, 2008

I just wondering if i can make my first drawing :) that's why i check it every day it's just like take a medicine from doctor, take that twice or three time a day :)) [imgl]5261960[/imgl]


December 04, 2008

i do check my stats often, and for the same reason below i think, that i love seeing i have made a new sale!!


December 04, 2008

I admit to being a stats addict...
AND I also agree that it is not for much use other than boosting the ego, every time someone buys something ;-)