Sales up this month

Funny 'ol month. I have been with Dreamstime for a number of years, well actually I have had an account with them and very very few images. In February I made a decision to start uploading a few more. Now for reasons I am yet to discover this month has been in perspective a bit mad. I started off the month with 60'ish images, now I have shoehorned a few more past QC I am up to a grand total of 71 in my portfolio.

Of more interest to me is that 10 sales have been made this month so far, I think for the small number of images I have online 10 is very encouraging and I hope the trend continues, needless to say it encourages me to upload more images, I might need a bigger shoehorn.


Photo credits: Noeyedear.

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Thanks all.



nice pics


Congratulations,great job!!!


Good luck!


Your images are good and if you keep uploading you will do better. Good Luck.


The more you upload, the better you will do.


Good luck for your sales and congrats!


congrats and keep up the good work


With so many pictures with rather unique aerial perspective you have a great advantage... good for you.


I now expect to see a sale every time I check in and feel disappointed when I see no increase in revenue. The problem is I check in every half an hour!!!
Now if only I had a hundred times more images online I would stand a better chance.


:) Well done! best of luck for many more

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