Sam's Park and Shop and Other Attractions

Most people when they pass by Sam's Park and Shop in Northwest Cleveland Park of Washington DC, take little notice. It looks like just another shopping center but it does have historical significance. Sam's Park and Shop which was built in 1931 by Samuel J. Gorlitz was one of the first shopping centers in the United States with dedicated parking. This was a truly innovative concept back then. The shopping center was designed around the automobile. Beforehand cars parked on the curb of the street creating congestion. Even with expanded curb parking the problem still remained. Sam's Park and Shop offered parking off the street in its own lot. This changed shopping centers forever and now we take it for granted that parking will be provided for us.

Northwest Cleveland Park has several noteworthy landmarks: Sam's Park and Shop, The Uptown Theatre which is one of the oldest and best movie theatres in Washington DC with art deco architecture and the beautiful Victorian residential homes on Newark Street. Also there is local hangout called Nanny Obrien's which is a popular Irish pub. If you get a chance to visit Washington DC check out these attractions which are located on Connecticut Avenue or just up Newark Street. Cleveland Park Metro stop is right next to Sam's Park and Shop. These photos were taken over many years with a variety of cameras. I always take a camera with me in case there is a shooting opportunity.

Sams Park & Shop

Innovative Sams Park & Shop

Historical 1930 model A Ford

Sams Park & Shop at Night

Uptown Movie Theatre in Cleveland Park

Uptown Movie Theatre at Night

Darth Vader

White Beauty

Beautiful Victorian Home

Victorian Home in Winter

Walking by the Pub

Irish Pub at Night on Saint Patrick's Day

Photo credits: Richard Gunion, Zhukovsky.

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March 23, 2015


I live in College Park,Md and I'm very familiar with a lot of the DC locations you have photographed.Nice shots!!

March 23, 2015


How beautiful the images are !

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