Same image uploaded on multiple sites

What is your experience with images that are rejected on one site but accepted on another?

Do you try to fix the "issue" that got it rejected and re-submit, or you just move on?

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August 23, 2007


I have seen many times that an agency that stands at no.4 position rejects an image which is accepted by an agency at no.1 position which normally rejects pictures more often. I think its more to do with their clients and the editors personal insight about the image. Fixing the image surely helps submitting the image to the same agency again where it got rejected.

August 23, 2007


Sometimes I will try to fix it, and it works out. But also remember that just because an image is rejected on one site doesn't meant that something is necessarily wrong with that image. Different agencies cater to different audiences.. If one sites clients do not want pictures of flowers, for example, most pictures of flowers will be declined simply because there is not a demand for them. But, another agency may be fighting to get as many as they can if that is what their clients are wanting.

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