Sand dunes are beach beauty marks

Each beach has its own charm, its own magical pull that makes me want to visit it over and over again. I try to capture a little bit of that magic with my camera.

There are many things that set one beach apart from all others. Some are deeper than others, some have whiter or finer sand than others, etc. But all too often one photo of a beach looks an awful lot like a million other photos of a million other beaches: sand, water, and people enjoying the sun.

One thing I've found very useful to capture the beauty and individuality of a beach is sand dunes. I think of them as beach beauty marks. They are very common in many shore areas, but like fingerprints, never the same. They vary in height, length, sand color, and vegetation. Sometimes they are so large and extensive that special boardwalks or sandy crossovers are necessary to reach the shore without damaging them.

Including these dunes in some of my seashore images helps me remember and re-live just what makes that beach so beautifully different.

Take a look at these images of two Jersey shore beaches and another one in New York City and see if you agree that the dunes help make them more memorable.

A crowded beach in early fall on the Jersey Shore

A crowded beach in early fall on the Jersey Shore

Photo credits: , Htmccann.
  • Htmccann

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October 07, 2014

Beautiful photos. I totally agree!