Sand Master at work

In October, when some Northern states are covered with snow, there is a very different view in South Padre Island, a barrier island on the Texas Gulf coast in America.

For the last 22 years, artists from all over the world came to the Sand Castle Days on South Padre Island, creating amazing sand sculptures. With the open beach as their studio, their masterpieces attract and inspire people of all ages.

With creative ideas and skillful hands, these master of sand transform piles and buckets of sand into castles,

feasts, plants, and interesting characters.

Photo credits: Jinlide.

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October 27, 2009


Beautiful art!

October 26, 2009


It is pretty cool to see them work and amazing to see the result of their work. They are incredibly focus and of course super patient! It took several days, with people walking around, asking questions and having cameras pointing to them everywhere they moved. It could be hot, or windy, or rain, or, like this year, red tide. They still manage to create those master pieces on time. I imagine they could be the type of photographer that can station days or months to capture a shot.

October 26, 2009


Very talented artists, imagine what type of photographers these people could make :)

October 26, 2009


They must have endless patience! My castles fall down a lot :0)

October 26, 2009


Great masterpieces!
I could make a sand hole! :)

October 26, 2009


I like so much art-works of this sand builders :-) Admiring! And requesting patience! But the result is great!

October 26, 2009


Wow what a form of creativity.

October 26, 2009


I have seen this type of art also at Vince Beach CA. It is incredible what they can create out of sand! Excellent editorial image you shot there.

October 26, 2009


I have seen such an art in Algarve once & I wonder how patient are the artists!
Great Photos... Good Luck with them ;)

October 26, 2009


I love the creativity that they put into the these sculptures

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