Satisfactory Balance!

Hello everybody!

I'm happy for my achievement on the assignments, even with the small portfolio I have...

My first assignment participation was the e-commerce: Uploaded 2 accepted 1... 50% AR.

© Mani33
© Mani33

Second Assignment Family elders and seniors: Uploaded & accepted 1... 100% AR.

© Mani33

Third assignment Show us your best stock: Uploaded & accepted 1... 100% AR.

© Mani33

Fourth assignment participation is the latest Spirituality & Religion: Uploaded 3 accepted 2... 66% AR.

© Mani33
© Mani33

The rejected one is pending for normal RF so I hope it will see the light as well!

Thanks DT for all the great work & thanks to all my friends for the precious support!

I'm proud to make part of this community!

Photo credits: Maen Zayyad.

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You look so cute, and even as a kid you are thinking of ideas I guess.


Thanks Karen & Altafa... Yes Altaf :)))


Mani, even you got my vote, your illustrations are class apart. I love your work. BTW who is that kid on your profile page???? Dont tel me it was you once upon a time.


Fantastic and very well deserved. Cheers Karen


Wonderful to be among such a nice community! Thanks guys :)


Congrats Mani!


Congrats Mani!!


Congrats Maen! It's a great work! I remember voting for your tango image, it's great like the others! Wish you luck with the assignment, and many sales!)


Thanks a lot Jitka! Your assignments are great also! Specially this theme really fits you... Good luck! :)

Thanks Dessie, I like the great mood you have :))
But we say in Portugal don't start fireworks before the party :))


I gotta feeeelin' woohoooo :)) Love this retro faith image :))


A big, really big congratulation also from me! I like very much the magic book :-) it could be also astrological book as there is Sun and Moon :-) Your Euro conis are great... great work! I wish you to feel always satisfactory balance and to have many great ideas!


Thank you Mariaam it's really great to see your assignment already rewarding... 2 sales & 250 views! Good luck in votes as well :)

Aginger Many thanks for your vote! I hope you will be inspired on the next assignment! Your port is getting awesome! I like the Square of Lisbon ;)


You got my votes...before that promotion, hahaha! I haven't got any creative idea for that, bahh...


Hi Maen, the "Retro Faith" image is very cool! Congrats and good luck with the assignment votes!


Thanks Jennifer! Keep trying don't give up! ;)


Congrats! Just having images accepted in assignments is an awesome accomplishment in itself already--and you have a few. I've tried a couple of times, but... well...


Thanks Rosedarc, Brad & Carol :)


Congratulations Maen! I love the retro faith image :D


Congrats on the various entries - your current two are really great!


Great job on this assignment Maen, different and original!
I tried but didn't get in this time, it was quite difficult and required a lot of creativity and skills. Always a great exercise despite the frustrations it creates.


Thanks Mat! I don't know if I'm favored or not! But I don't think it's a matter of favored... I got rejections for too simplistic also!
Yes get over it but never say never, keep trying! :)

Gabriel just being there is a great success indeed regardless winning or not! Yes it's a great help for portfolio exposure! Good luck for you my friend, you did awesome work :)


Congratulations Maen for your achievement!I participated also in few Assignments ,i never won a place but i did win because of portfolio exposure and some of my Assignment files sold pretty well:)It is a great feeling to have at least a file approved in Assignment and you do a good work.I wish you good luck in the current Assignment and i am proud also to make part of this community and have friends like you:)


Congrats Mani. It's a wonderful feeling to be favored by Dreamstime.
I must admit I don't feel as special to Dreamstime as the two times I tried the Assignments, (1) kitchen (2) spiritual ..
I received a very rapid rejection for my work being "too simplistic".
So I think I will just fall back and lick my wounds and forget about Assignments, lol.
Good luck to you and all those that the Assignment editors find worthy of their accolade.


Thanks Enrique :)
Kelley that's how we usually start when we hear about a new assignment! Moaning about an idea :))
But tell you what, start scratching your memory about anything related, a book, a story, a person, even a joke! This will lead you to an idea for sure!
Good luck ;)


Congratulations! I don't even have the creativity skills needed to come up with anything to submit for those assignments. Very, very good! :-)



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