Saturation, Invention, and a new old direction

Road Cone with reflective band

So here we all are, slavishly adding new images to an ever increasing pile of creativity and opportunity. But how many times now is the same subject being captured from all perspectives, and how long will it be before we can't add a truly "new" image any more?

As a 3D artist working with ever more powerful (open-source) software it is rapidly coming to the point where realism can be created. particularly for inorganic subjects and with less effort and time than ever before. Much more capable artists than myself are picking up on the ideas of others and improving them 10-fold, but eventually it will be clear that the perfect capture of a subject exists 50 times over and in all colors - visible, invisible, and stereoscopic.

So where do we go then? Exploring new frontiers in imagery and conceptualisation? Will we be inventing that which isn't yet conceived, perceived or desired? Will the true pioneer find ample reward for going beyond the limits, or does the Christmas tree vector still outsell everything else?

Security Holes - concept for poor security

Perhaps there is room in this not so fresh-faced market now for a return to an approach from the past. Perhaps the micro-tide should ebb back towards a targeted, custom, tailored image service. Images to order. Exclusive to the customer.

"Can I take your order sir? Let me get your dimensions, and then we will fix you right up".

What do you think?

Photo credits: Bruce Parrott.
Bruce Parrott
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I am a 3D hobbyist artist who struggles with the balance between what sells well, and what I want to create. Both are satisfying, but imagine being able to master the two together!

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September 10, 2010

I like this, I have no idea what most of your lingo means, but this sounds similar to an approach I apply when designing hairstyles and colours for my clients.