Saturdays Nights Out

All the week most of us work very hard being tired with our mind and body. From Monday we're looking forward our weekend to come. Each toil we have and mental hardships are nothing when it's Friday and we almost can feel the weekend. Two wonderful days of doing nothing, having a spear time and some parties at night.

I'm the same. I work all week till Friday. And when it's Saturday I can feel it's coming and it's making my good mood. I'll have a couple of drinks, listen to good party music (like ATB, Dj.Tiesto or A van Buerren - my faves, try them) I'll meet my mates and we'll dance all night long in a disco, club or a home party. Just to have chill-out and take it all easy for another week..

P.S. I wish all people had the weekends off.

Photo credits: Elena Dolgova.

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August 27, 2007


I guess most people have the week ends off. I also like ATB but lately I have switched to more chill beats such as Thievery corp. And the weekend is great indeed, when clubbing and partying with friends. :)

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