Satwa Guna – The beginning of light

© Charon

I still have a few hours till departure . . . my house is filled with climbing gear... photo equipment... some pressure and background music. I already feel the weariness of the two day flight and another three day march until the high areas. I check again and again the blades of the ice axes, the carabiner screws, the altitude bots, the ropes, the altimeter and everything that may seem not thoroughly checked. The optical equipment has already been “polished” by skillful men from IOR; Chargers of all kinds lay beautifully arranged for power charging. I empty the storages and the hdds of my laptop. I seal the photo and video cameras. Weather will be constantly wet and cold there...helplessly wet and cold.

The scale always pulls my ears ”take that out...much too heavy...replace it with something lighter”. Slowly but surely things begin to gather and crowd in my rucksacks, all will pass through the scale and checking filter.

I leave to the end the photo and video equipment...too much packing strategy required, especially as I am attempting to cheat a bit the scale… and taking more hand luggage kilos than allowed. It’s not the first time so I will not feel guilty. Obviously I will put on my climbing boots here. Yes, I am aware I will look like a diver with flippers, but this is what it takes to look good for the scales.

Two bottles of Romanian Transylvanian tzuica slipped inside my backpack will be the delight of cold gloomy evenings, the passport, the tickets, the money, and the soft sound of doors closing behind. I am on my way…shortly to arrive there. The Satwa Guna journey/expedition begins.

Photo credits: Charon.

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September 13, 2007


Good Luck Stelian! Leave the tzuica at base camp for partying upon your safe return.

September 13, 2007


Wow!!! this is a fantastic journey. Good luck and....take care about you and...... of course about Tangie's bag...:).

I am eager to see the images.

September 12, 2007


I'm getting excited myself just by reading about it! :) Looking forward to reading the "I'm back home" blog ;) Have a safe trip! Tangie - get Stelian's while he's gone ;)

September 12, 2007


Wow what an adventure! Take care, watch your step, bundle up and prepare for inspiration take off. It seems you have a borrowed bag with you belonging to one of your co-workers. Your goal is to return it to Tangie filled with what you have learned. Enjoy the journey!

September 12, 2007


Good luck! And what is this"Romanian Transylvanian tzuica"? I wish you many beautiful views from the roof of the world! Just do it!

September 12, 2007


Have a good trip and get back alive with lots of images :-)

September 12, 2007


To clarify that......he has my Dreamstime bag. My bag with the Dreamstime logo........and I have been waiting for two months for it. If Stelian runs away with it, I will trot my feet, weep, wine and cry in Serban and Dragos's office for two days! What kind of admin am I without my branded bag????

September 12, 2007


Good luck and don't mess with the dealers, nor the booze :)

September 12, 2007


Yes, our dear and brave colleague left for climbing I guess. His most ardent passion, after photography. We will surely miss him :( in the office. And looking forward for him to come back and tell us all about it. How he struggled and froze to death......kidding :P

Stelian, make sure that you come back safe and sound and loaded with goodies for us :P - this is crucial remember, loaded, loaded with goodies - cakes, chocolate, shoes, bags, dresses, earrings and bracelets please! a piece of ice from the top. Good luck and I will keep my fingers crossed. And you owe me a bag.....don't even think about not bringing it to me...cause I will hunt you and kick your .......can't say that on the public site, right?This is my way of saying take care and stay in one piece.......cause I really want that bag :)

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