Save a penguin. ( :-) )

I'm fully supportive of Dreamstime removing old images that have not had any sales after 4 years, I think that's the right thing to do and have quite happily dealt with my old images. But today one of my favourites comes up for its last thirty days. The image is from Deception Island, Antarctica and despite the 100,000 to 200,000 penguins in the colony, this little one stood out as they almost 'stood guard' watching us humans arrive on the beach.

I share this in the hope some buyer takes a liking to the little one and adds them to their collection. If not, well, at least I have a proper image of this on my wall at home. But come on, you don't want to let this little one go; one day this will be famous.

Kind regards,


Penguin curiosity

Photo credits: Derek Rogers.
Derek Rogers
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I love travelling to new destinations aiming to capture the essence of the people, place and time. I particularly like black and white photography in certain instances as it captures the mood and texture of the place or person. At other times colour is necessary to show the vibrancy, life and energy. Please have a look at my website if you would like to see more images.

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March 07, 2013

Good luck, it's a great image. Perhaps is not stock oriented.


March 07, 2013

A check shows that there are over 7600 images of penguins on Dreamstime, almost as bad as cats. The ones that had sales generally showed just one or a few of the creatures. I guess nobody has figured out how to use this one commercially. A long time ago I learned never to become attached to any one image.