Saw-Scaled Viper- Fascinating snakes

Echis Carinatus; Saw scaled Viper; Little Indian Viper

Echis Carinatus - Indian Saw scaled Viper or Little Indian Viper

Saw scaled vipers belong to the Genus of Echis. There are about 8 species of snakes identified under this genus. They are found in Africa, Indian subcontinent, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Middle East. They prefer arid and semi-arid regions as well as grasslands, rain forests, deciduous forests, open lands, etc.

Saw-scaled viper / Echis pyramidum

Echis pyramidum - Egyptian Saw scaled Viper or Northeast African carpet viper

They are very small and look cute (to the people who love snakes, others may please forgive me). Their length varies from 30 to less than 90 cm. They could easily hide in mounds, holes, piles, caves, cracks, dense leaf litters, rocks, etc. Compared to other snakes they have got larger eye to body proportion. They make an alarming sound (like a saw) with their rough scales when threatened.

Saw scaled pit viper

They take this position when alarmed and can give a lightning strike in milliseconds

They feed on lizards, small rodents, insects, frogs, etc. They have the ability to stay camouflaged and ambush their prey. The venom has haemotoxic, myotoxic and cytotoxic contents. This are among the snake groups that cause majority of snake-bite deaths in the world. In India it is listed among the Major 4 poisonous snakes that cause death (Big Four).

Echis Carinatus; Saw scaled Viper

Echis Carinatus (Indian Saw scaled Viper or Little Indian Viper) Well Camouflaged on a tree branch

There are both Oviparous (lays eggs) and Ovoviviparous (eggs remain in the mother's body until it hatch) Saw scaled vipers.

Painted saw-scaled viper 1

Echis coloratus - Painted saw-scaled viper, Painted carpet viper, Burton's carpet viper

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October 29, 2016

This time a different style of a blog, happy about that as I am really interested in snakes. wonderful photos!


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Love the eye in the 2nd shot. The camouflage is wonderful against the backgrounds. Nice pics!


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October 10, 2016

one of the most amazing snakes in the world.