Scale and Proportions

Holy land Series -Mt. Arbel and the Sea of Galilee

In landscape photography, we cover massive mountains, vast plains, empty deserts and all the elements.

Holy Land Series - Ramon Crater Makhtesh 5

In some areas, you have visual cues as to the various elements' sizes as your brain knows mentally that a plant is smaller than a mountain or a house is smaller than a hill.

Holy land Series - Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve

But sometime, you come across a frame that has all the elements, but to enhance it and to make it a stronger (stock) image, adding a figure of a human being can do wonders to the image.

Holy Land Series - Ramon Crater Makhtesh sunrise Pano7

Holy Land Series - Mt. Arbel

I don't plan my shooting, my style is merely capturing my daily events and doing, so I am trying to always be aware to these moments where a person cross my frame and I can take advantage of his/her silhouette in the image.

Holy land Series - Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve

Since model release is a big issue in DT (rightfully), distant figures are a welcome addition.

And sometime, even shots from the back of a person,can do the trick for an extra element that makes landscape stock photography a lot more interesting.

Holy Land Series - Ramon Crater Makhtesh- Lone traveler

Holy land Series -Mt. Arbel Cliff

In a recent trip to Kefalonia, a Greek island west of mainland Greece, the objects I used, were adding to the sense of vacation and tourism.

Greece-Kefalonia- Lixouri Port4

So for me, I gained twice as I enhanced the image photographically and added value to the image for prospect buyers.

Greece-Kefalonia- Sami - Antisamos Beach

I think that looking for objects for scale and proportion in your landscape photography is fun, challenging and adding interest both for you the photographer and for the viewers of your images whether on DT or in your personal projects.

Greece - Kefalonia- Mountainous Sunset Silhouettes

Photo credits: Amitai.

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April 15, 2019


Very true! Those wide angle lenses can make even the Grand Canyon look less grand. But add a person or object for scale and the size really shows. Thanks for writing! William

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