Scans from Dia

Recently I gave some of my old dias (24x36mm and 6x9cm) to a professional scanning service that has good references. The scans were made with an up-to-date Nikon scanner at 4000 dpi and saved in maximum quality JPG (12).

DT refused most of these scans and told me, that there were distorted pixels. As I looked more closely at the images I found that DT was right and the question emerged what to do against this loss of quality. Do you have some tips for me?

Best regards


PS: I do not own Photoshop, but Photoshop Elements, and I am not an expert in digital image manipulation.

Photo credits: Cristalloid.

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I have approved photos, but also I had rejected photos with the same reason. So I agree: keep working and uploading, I don't think the scanner is your problem


Distorted pixels is a code word. It means they hate your picture. It means your picture is not crisp and sharp enough, many possible reasons for this: bad lens, bad lighting, jpeg artifact, maybe camera moved who knows. This is a refusal you can not argue with because nobody knows what it really means. I googled the term and it shows up only at DT. Don't worry about it. Load up better ones.


Hi, you can fix distorted pixels with healing brush instrument. Before this open your image at 100%.

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