Scary Dreamstime: Horror image selection

I selected scary photos/illustration.... there are many of them... I want you to choose one as THE MOST TERRIFYING:

© Jeu (Help)
1. Dying face

2. He's gonna' burst

3. Just a monk...

© Mil (Help)

5.This one is scary enough

6.Preparing for the next victim.

7.When he touches you die.

8.Chucky's back.

9.That's Vlad Tepes

10.Vampire attack

11.Aaa..I'm dead already

12.A glowing zombie

13.Soul lost in hell.

14.To be or not to be

15.Not the perfect day for a walk in the park.

16.Ethernal ghost of E.T.

Choose the most scary.. or link it if not among these.

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September 05, 2007


Are you trying to make horror funny?

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