Scary or interesting?

Is this a human?

I was wonder if all those components came from one person but it do not have model released so could be some mix form many models. Do not know if this picture is terrified me or surprise me but certainly shocked me and at first impression positively but it is strange. This photo is from portfolio Titelio too, as funny sea-gull and really improves that its creator has good skills in modify image and change their prime meaning to something else.

© Tdoes1
But this article is about those images that have some other meaning by some manipulations. They all have some different perspective then the originals and also shock me and even scared me. Man behind the desk with bulb instead head, it is neutral with it expression and simple says to me about some good, new ideas,

but this one, child’s eyes with big blue ball instead the real ones really sacred me (looks like Damien from Omen film).

Do not think that I am a ‘chicken’ just shocked.

Photo credits: Fallenangel, Tdoes1, Titelio.

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