SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta

These days in Varna, Bulgaria, completed grand regatta.

A few photos of sailing ships during the stay in the sea port of Sochi, Russia.

It was a great celebration for our city, everyone could walk on the deck of any sailing ship, there are guided tours.

Unfortunately the weather was rainy, it was impossible to make a brighter pictures, so I tried to make a few black-and-white photo.

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October 06, 2016


Interesting to see same tall ship race which was in Riga a few years ago! I had wonderful pictures on sunset, but taken on a ancient compact.

October 04, 2016


Thank you very much, friends!

October 04, 2016


wonderful images :)

October 03, 2016


I have been in Varna (and next to it to Golden Sands) and I found it very nice. I have good memories especially of the long and beautiful park along the sea.
I could see that these days the weather was pretty bad there!
Anyway I like the b/w last shot.

October 03, 2016



Nice work

Best regards

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Photo credits: Svetlana Kravchenko.