School art

We've got a small flat and to fit some child's furniture in it my husband and I decided to free some space. The only way to do this in our case was to get rid of the old bookcase and most of books and other stuff that filled it.

The process was like archeology - I discovered lots of things I forgot. Things from my childhood, mostly school period. Including this weird art...

All these whirls, spots and curved lines interlacing all over the sheet of paper have a rather sad story. It's about school, education and boredom...

School was soooo boring to me that most of the time I read something non-schoolish at the lessons. Sometimes I wrote stories and poems. It looked like I'm writing something schoolish and teachers did not realize how far away from their words and tasks I used to be most of the time.

But such arts... I remember dozens of them. I used to make them when my boredom was so great that I got lost all interest in life and had no inspiration to write poems and stories, even to read things I liked... Mad pictures they were, each took hours to make.

It's sad to revive those days in my memory. School was really bad. Though I was among the best pupils. And then - among the best students in my university. So my schoolish boredom doesn't mean my stupidity at all.

And I wonder... will this thing about education on this planet change ever? I always liked reading and learning, but hated school... it was the biggest waste of time in my life. 10 years for boredom, saddnes, and mad arts. (Nowdays children in my country are to spend 12 years at school, poor boys and girls!)

However... enough of philosophical words... this art is approved and online. And now I wonder if someone might find it interesting enough to buy.

Photo credits: Makarova Olga.

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You are a very talented illustrator! I'm sure you will continue to have lots and lots of sales.

Best regards,


what idea! I had not thought to us. But I must resume my illustrations the attic ad watch them well... Bye!


You have a very creative mind, no wonder school was boring for you! The art that you have created is beautiful and I am sure it will be appreciated by many. Cheers Marilyn


I was also bored at school but I usually draw flowers and funny characters of my teachers. I always made laugh when I show my drawings to my classmates :)

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