school is over :)

school is over and the kids are now on their summer holidays till october - yipee !!

anyone else in my situation? i'm a stay at home mum with 3 kids - i think as previous summer's i'll find it very challenging and rewarding at the same time having the kids around me 24/7

hopefully i'll be able to take some lovely pics once i find the time

to all you stay at home mum's and dad's

Happy summer holidays :)

Photo credits: Frantab01.

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thank you so much - being a mum is the greatest thing that happened to me - they grow so quickly, enjoy your summer :)


i know what you mean, my eldest isn't well at the moment, got some fever so stuck inside too - i guess we all go through with it till they get stronger :) good luck and hope they get better soon


Hi, I'm a mum of a 7 monthes aged baby... so nice to be a mum! The three lovely children of the pictures are yours? Compliments, they are really beautiful. Have nice summer holiday! ;)


My two are home this week with the flu. :0P Next week they start their two week winter break. Three weeks will be enough for me if they don't get better soon. I hope I don't catch it or they might have to look after me lol :0)

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