Science and technology museum of Chongqing

This is a science and technology museum of Chongqing,it is an example of sustainable eco-architecture. The extensive use of sustainable building materials, technologies and processes. External walls of a large area with light weight, high transparency, the membrane shockproof double day,Indoor does not need lighting,and at night,lights in the building looks like a "magic lantern".


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May 10, 2010


thanks everyone.

May 10, 2010


Great shots!

May 09, 2010


It looks great! Thanks for sharing!

May 09, 2010


Very nice to know this place! Great shots as well! Thanks Joe!

May 09, 2010


Joe the night shot is amazing. I looked up Chonqing and it looks like you have many amazing buildings to photograph. Keep uploading and sharing them. I love the night shots.

May 09, 2010


I like this concept of eco-architecture

May 09, 2010


thanks Rosedarc,thanks your suggestion.

May 09, 2010


Very interesting Joe, I'd love to visit it.
All these words could be added to your keywords (architecture, sustainable) and you could also add your part of your blog comment to the description of your building!

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