The science of color

Hello! :)

I just share many of my designs where color is "key of success"

beautiful blue abstract modern waving background

- bestseller for 2016

Abstract beautiful waves background design

Abstract flame background

I think they are not very complex designs, super professional or something, but the color is important! The color is important than keywords and other info. Composition too but i don't think here is factor.

I use free Google's Color Efex Pro plugin for quick color tweak.

What is plugin or technique where you use?

Please share, thanks!

Photo credits: TMarchev.

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June 28, 2017


How do you do it? That is great!

June 28, 2017


great job and a great perception of color in combining them.

June 28, 2017


Great images above and an extremely good portfolio too TMarchev!

June 27, 2017


Thanks! I just wondered why dreamstime remove two of my tags after post that article :)

June 27, 2017


Love these.

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