Scoop of Green Peas - 1000th Picture in My Portfolio

Scoop of green pea

Green pea germinating and growing

Pea size hailstones on grass

Yesterday, I reached 1000 pictures in my Dreamstime portfolio with a scoop of green peas image. It feels like just a few days ago I was shooting quite different picture of the same peas germinating.

I would love to shoot more in my garden, but a stormy spring in Colorado with a lot of hail was not very kind for my plants. Even these green pea pods needed some Photoshop work to remove spots due to hail damage.

19 months in microstock, 1000 pictures with Dreamstime, and just reaching my 7th payout. Not bad! However, the growth of my Dreamstime portfolio slowed down significantly during last few months. My effective acceptance rate dropped down below 50%, i.e., I am submitting selected pictures only, and only 60-70% of them are accepted. In my blog Pixels Away I am discussing further this issue and, also, compare my Dreamstime portfolio to some other microstock agencies.

Photo credits: Marek Uliasz.
Marek Uliasz
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  • Marekuliasz
  • Fort Collins, United States
I am studio and adventure photographer with a scientific background. I have more than 25,000 pictures and video clips in my stock portfolio. Please contact me through my blog if you are interested in custom pictures or photo designs.

I don't enable exclusive rights license since I have problems with removing the picture from other stock agencies. However, usually, I can provide a slightly different version of the image or shoot a custom image. Please, contact me directly.

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yeah ;-)


Congratulation! Good luck with reaching 2000 soon!


Congratulations! Good luck with your future goals :0)




You have a great portfolio... Good luck with it.
Cheers :)